Stellaris Console Commands - Stellaris Console Commands Technology

A strategy game with the 4X grand video game is Stellaris. Paradox Interactive developed and proclaimed this game. This strategy game is related to space exploration, empire management, diplomacy, and space warfare with other civilizations. For OS X, Windows, and Linux, it was launched all over the world on May 9, 2016. A huge number of Stellaris console commands list is available that is utilized for the exploration.

In the gameplay, players try to control a species in the early stages of interstellar space navigation, once the invention of faster than light spaceship technology is made. The ultimate target of the empire is based on several factors, including the ethics of civilization and the preferences of the player. The target is able to range from galactic conquest, technological supremacy along with hoarding of resources to the peaceful existence or absolute elimination of all sentient life.

The player keeps on guiding the ships, which includes construction, science, and military vessels. In combats, you will experience ground combat and space combat. Both of them focuses on the bigger factors such as preparation and strategy. With Stellaris console commands, there are diplomatic choices are also included such as alliances and trades with other races. After a brief introduction, now let’s move on to the Console Commands Stellaris list.

Stellaris Console Commands for PC's
Stellaris commands on Windows, Mac, & Linux
How can you activate and use Stellaris Console Commands

How can you activate and use Stellaris Console Commands ?

To open the Stellaris Console Commands, all you need to do is press the tilde key on your keyboard. It is similar to many other games. Usually, it is located under the ESC key of your keyboard. On the other hand, if you cannot find this button on your keyboard or it does not work for you. Don’t fret!

It is not a big issue at all. It is just a small issue related to the nationality of your keyboard setting. In this case, you can implement some other way such as pressing SHIFT + 2, SHIFT + 3, or ALT + 2 + 1.

Once you have successfully opened the console, to use the console, you just have to type in the Stellaris cheats that you want and press enter. Below is a full list of Stellaris Console Commands. Scroll down and check out all of them.

Stellaris Console Commands for PC's

Stellaris console commands – Syntax Stellaris console commands - Description
Help See a series of available console commands Stellaris
Engineering (amount) Add (amount) engineering points
Cash (amount) Add (amount) cash
Society (amount) Add (amount) society
Minerals (amount) Add (amount) minerals
Research_technologies Unlock all technologies
Physics 50000 Add physics
Influence (amount) Add (amount) influence
Resource (resource) (amount) Add (amount) of specific (resource)
Add_trait_species Add trait (for example: add_trait_species human intelligent)
Instant_Build Open instant build
Ftl Activate / deactivate infinite Ftl
Damage (amount) Pick up ship suffering (amount) damage
Invincible Invincibility turns on
Skills (amount) Add (amount) of skills to the leader
Tech update the Restart tech tree
Contact Activate / deactivate all contact
Crash Crashes the game
Survey Survey all planets
(Selected Planet) populate Fills entire free slots on the chosen planet with pop
Overnight Prepare for the overnight session

Stellaris commands on Windows, Mac, and Linux (Several Stellaris console commands)

Stellaris console commands – Name Stellaris console commands – Syntax Stellaris console commands - Description
3dstats 3dstats With this rule you will toggle (on or off) the 3DStats feature. While it is enabled, your FPS and render time will show on your screen.
achievement_status achievement_status With this command you can print the present success situation for you to the console.
activate_all_traditions activate_all_traditions You can directly activate perks for you with this console command Stellaris research.
activate_ascension_perk activate_ascension_perk [ascension perk id] You can run the particular rising perk with this console command Stellaris technology.
activate_tradition activate_tradition [tradition id] This command runs the particular tradition.
add_anomaly add_anomaly [anomaly category] With this command an anomaly category for the planet, selected in-game by you is provided.
add_ethic_pop add_ethic_pop [population id] [ethic id] This command gives the special ethic to the special people.
add_opinion add_opinion [source id] [target id] [opinion amount] This command can be combined or removed (remove by negative number) idea from one territory to another.
add_pops add_pops [species id] [planet id] This command occupies a whole planet with all the specific species.
add_ship add_ship [ship name] With this command, a fleet of the specific ship is used to spawn.
add_trait_leader add_trait_leader [leader id] [trait id] With this command the particular trait is added to the peak with the particular ID. Use ‘debugtooltip’ to look for leader IDs.
add_trait_species add_trait_species [species id] [trait id] This command includes the specific trait to the species with the unique ID.
advanced_galaxy advanced_galaxy With this command every default empire helps in getting fleets, colonies, and technologies (mimics the 2400 game).
ai ai With this command, AI turns on or off.
ai_anomalies ai_anomalies This command switches on or off AI-only anomalies for human domains.
alienfx alienfx This rule will attempt to conjugate with AlienFX (changing computer lights), if you face an alien case.
ambient_object ambient_object [object id] With this command, an ambient object is used to spawn with a specific ID.
attackallfleets attackallfleets This command begins all formations to be under your control.
audio.playeffect audio.playeffect [effect name] This command is related to play a specific soundtrack.
audio.setactivegroup audio.setactivegroup [group name] This command authorizes you to set an alert audio set.
berserk_ai berserk_ai All AI aggression to 10 (make them become extremely aggressive) is set with this command.
blend_post_effect blend_post_effect [setting] [time] [mode] With this command, a new post effect with the specific type, mode, and transition duration is used to blend.
borders borders This command helps you compute your map borders, then prints them to your console.
cash cash [amount] This command adds the precise amount of power to your own energy credits outlay.
casusbelli casusbelli [casus belli id] [empire id] This rule starts the Casus Belli with the specific ID.
check_save check_save This command will make sure whether the saving is still operating. It makes 2 save files and verify if they are alike – if not, it means a problem happens with your addition feature.
clear_debug_lines clear_debug_lines This rule sets free any ‘debug lines from your screen.
clear_debug_strings clear_debug_strings This command eliminates any debug strings.
collision collision This command switches on or off the crash box’s display in the game.
colonize colonize [population id] This command will take possession of the planet you already have selected with the ID’s population.
communications communications [empire id] If conducted with a dispute (an empire ID), this will turn on or off the communication with the specific territory. If not, this will turn on/off messages with all game empires.
contact contact This command offers contact to all empires accessible in the game.
control control [planet id] This command lets you to instantly engage the planet with the specific ID.
copy_pop copy_pop [population id] This command will imitate the community with the specific ID to your selected planet.
crash crash It will shatter your game if you go into the console.
create_navy create_navy [percentage] This command will produce a marine fleet with around 100% of your naval aptitude.
create_megastructure create_megastructure [megastructure id] This command will create a mega structure with the precise ID.
damage damage With this command, the ship leads you already have selected to take damage.
debug_achievements debug_achievements This command will take away all actions you gained.
debug_achievements_clear debug_achievements_clear This rule is used to debug performances. It may clear all your actions you have obtained.
nomen nomen This will make all domains (AI-controlled) to oppose to any suggestions or deals.
yesmen yesmen This will make all territory (AI-controlled) to concur to any deals or offers..
debuglines debuglines This command switches on or off debug lines.
debugtexture debugtexture [texture name] [transparency] [alpha channel] With this command textures debug (check argument information for any helps).
debugtooltip debugtooltip This command will switch on/off debug tooltips, which show things like planetoid IDs, population IDs, etc. when you float over things in your game play.
democratic_election democratic_election With this command the upcoming democratic vote will start.
deposits deposits With this command deposit statistics to the console will print.
effect effect This command takes out the specific effect script.
election election This command will start the future ruler vote.
engineering engineering [amount] This command presents you with the specific amount of production points. Give a negative mark to delete planning points.
error error With this command, trips to the game console and log will print.
event event [event id] [empire id] With this command, an event with the specific ID in the specific empire will begin.
eventscopes eventscopes This command will print the scale trees of the event in the console window.
eventstats eventstats With this command data about events running to the console window will print.
factions.showallfactions factions.showallfactions With this command all factions in the game with statistics for each of them will print.
factions.showattraction factions.showattraction With this command, all factions with attraction levels will print.
factions.spawnall factions.spawnall This command will not run until the game has 10 years old. When being carried out, this command will seed entire factions to the game.
fast_forward fast_forward [days] This command skips onward to the specific number of game days.
filewatcher filewatcher With this command, filewatcher turns on/off.
finish_research finish_research This command instantly stops all processing analysis.
finish_special_projects finish_special_projects This command instantly finishes all unique processing projects.
food food [amount] With this command, the specific amount of food to you is provided. Type a negative value to remove it.
force_integrate force_integrate [empire id] With this command, the empire with the specific ID to engage in your empire is made.
free_government free_government This command switches on/off the time deadline not to allow you modify governments too soon following another.
free_policies free_policies This command switches on/off your skill to alter policy without limitations.
ftl ftl This command switches on/off earlier than light travel.
fullscreen fullscreen This command turns on/off full screen mode.
game_over game_over [victory type] With this command the game ends with dominion (0), alliance (1), or invasion (2).
gfxculture gfxculture [culture id] This rule is used to replace your empire’s culture viewpoint.
goto goto [x] [y] This command runs your camera to X and Y brings together.
grow_pops grow_pops [growth rate] This command will augment the growth rate of the planet’s population you presently have chosen in-game.
guibounds guibounds This command will show limits around GUI rudiments on your screen.
hdr hdr This command turns on/off the graphics for high-dynamic-range depiction.
help help [command] If this command brings out with no evidence, this will provide a list of all Stellaris console commands technology. If there are cases, this command will print helps connecting to specific commands.
hsv hsv This command changes 6 HSV to RGB.
human_ai human_ai This command turns on/off AI for humans.
influence influence [amount] This command will praise you with a specific amount of points.
info info This command turns on/off debug information.
instant_build instant_build This command makes all structure (including ships, stations, upgrades, etc.) to be completed instantly without time-consuming. This command result may be functional to everything in the game, so you should break your game before using it.
intel intel [low / high] This command alters the intel level of your exposed space (0 for low, 1 for high).
invincible invincible This command hinds all of your crafts (invincible) to avoid harm.
kill_country kill_country [empire id] This command obliterates your current territory if no ID is given, so that you must the ID of an empire to kill it.
kill_leader kill_leader [leader id] With this command, the commander kills with the specific ID.
kill_pop kill_pop [population id] With this command, the population kills with the specific ID.
kill_ruler kill_ruler [population] With this command the ruler kills with the specific ID.
lockcamera lockcamera This command switches on/off the locking of the camera. If the camera is secured, it will not run from its place until it is unlocked.