About Us

Stellaris console commands are cheats that help you advance more quickly through the game. Some of these commands require a parameter, like a resource ID, planet-class ID, ship design ID, etc., which you can find compiled separately on our website.

Bienvenue is on the orders of Stellaris. We have also compiled the new rules, resources, planet classes, ship designs, species features and events of Stellaris. To use the console commands on Stellaris, you may open the console window. Click the~key, usually under the Esc button and toward the left of the one key to open the console window.

Whether you're a new or old player, you can always check out the online help of the game or its community forums. Here you will find plenty of tutorials and information on game concepts and commands you will encounter.

For more detailed information on the Stellaris console commands, check the full modding guide which covers quite an all commands easily.