Stellaris Cheats


You love playing Stellaris but always lose the chance to get success. Do you want to fight every challenge and want to experience all the levels in the game? Stellaris cheats is the best solution for your problem.

Many players are struggling with the latest pack of strategic game Stellaris in Paradox Interactive catalogue. You can promptly turn the table of every challenge in your favour with lots of Stellaris cheats and Console Commands. They are instrumental cheat codes for this game.

Stellaris cheats is an active list of all console commands with cheat codes to play Stellaris game on Windows, Mac and Linux. You can easily open the Console in Stellaris game by pressing the ~ key. You can see this key between “Tab” and “Esc” buttons. You can make your force unbeatable with these Stellaris Cheats. You can also have more than enough resources; can finish research projects at once, and lots more with the Stellaris Console Commands.

You have to spend a few hours in nursing your civilization as you start your game, and your focus will be on resource-gathering than combating the war.

To open the Stellaris Console Commands, you have to start a new game or load the current game and click the ~ key on your keyboard. Always use lowercase letters when you need to enter new commands.

stellaris-cheats Below you will find all the Stellaris cheats revealed so far:

Stellaris Cheats Codes Description
help List available commands
invincible Invincibility
cash [number] Extra money
instant_Build Instant buildings
research_technologies All technologies
engineering [number] Add engineering points
influence [number] Add influence
minerals [number] Add minerals
physics 50000 Add physics
society [number] Add society
skills [number] Add skills to leaders
resource [resource] [number] Add specified resource
add_trait_species [species] [trait] Add trait
Ftl Toggle infinite Ftl
Contact Toggle contact with all
[planet] populate Fill free slots on the selected planet with a population
Survey Survey all planets
damage [number] Selected ship suffers damage
Techuptade Reset player tech tree
overnight [number] Prep for an overnight session
Crash Crashes game
Ai Toggles enemy AI on or off
fast_forward[value] Jumps forward in –game days by a specified value
Deposits Toggles deposit visibility on or off
democratic_election Start an election
finish_research Active research finishes at once
human_ai Toggles AI for human empires on and off
instant_build Instantly active upgrades, ships, stations and buildings
kill_country Kills country at once
peace on player Selected country offers peace to player
planet_happiness Selected planet given happiness buff
war_on_player Selected country declares

stellaris-cheats You have to enter the command in order to display IDs for things like population IDs and planet IDs when you are setting up to hang around them while playing Stellaris Console Commands.

In the Stellaris cheats, the “planet_resource” command covers disorganized strips on a chosen planet, which has definable source. Below is the whole list of planet_resource command.

Stellaris Cheats Codes Description
sr_lythuric Lythuric gas
sr_alien_pets Alien pets
sr_betharian Betharian stone
sr_dark_matter Dark matter
Energy Energy
engineering_research Engineering research
sr_engos Engos vapour
Food Food
sr_neutronium Orillium ore
physics_research Physics research
sr_pitharan Pitharan dust
sr_satramene Satramene gas
sr_satramene Satramene gas
sr_teldar Teldar crystals
sr_terraform_gases Terraforming gases
sr_terraform_liquids Terraforming liquids
sr_zro Terraforming liquids
sr_muutagan Muutagan Crystals
sr_xuran XuraGel
sr_orillium Orillium Ore
sr_riggan Riggan Spice
sr_living_metal Living Metal
sr_yuranic Yurantic Crystals
sr_helium Helium-3
sr_garanthium Garanthium Ore
Unity Unity
physics_research Physics Research
Minerals Minerals
Influence Influence

You always have to enter commands while playing the Stellaris game to carry on further after analyzing the command functions. Below you will find a list full of commands along with their descriptions.

Command Name Description

In the currently selected game, this command adds an anomaly category. 

achievement_status Your achievement status will be printed by this command.
3dstats 3Dstats feature will be enabling or disabling with this command. And rendering time will be displayed on the screen.
activate_all_traditions By this command, you will be able to activate all the benefits of traditions.
activate_ascension_perk You can activate ascension perk with this command.
add_ethic_pop This command enables you to add a specific ethic to population.
add_opinion If you want to add or remove opinions from one empire to another then you can use this command.
add_ship This command can be used to generate a task force of the specified ship.
ai You can enable and disable (toggles) AI with this command.
alienfx Your computer lights will be changing with this command to integrate with AlienFX, if you have an alien case.
borders Map borders will be calculating and printing to the console with this command.
cash This command adds the specified amount of energy credits to your energy credits amount.
casubelli You can initiate the Casus Belli with the specified ID against the specified empire by this command.
clear_debug_strings Every debug strings will be removed by this command.
collision Display of collision boxes for entities will be toggled by this command.
colonize You can colonize the planet you are currently playing with the population of the specified ID.
contact You can contact with all the empires in the game with this command.
control You can occupy the planet with the specified ID at once with the help of this command.
crash You ever want to crash your game, try this command. It is quite silly command used if you enter into console.
create_megactructure You can create megastructure with this command.
nomen No empire will agree by this command in making any deals or proposals.
debuglines Toggling debug lines will be activating with this command.
democratic_election Next democratic election will be compellingly started by this command.
deposits Deposit statistics will print to the console by this command.
effect Executing the specified script effect with this command.
election Next ruler election will compellingly started with this command.
error Errors to game log and console can be seen with this command.
fast_forward With this command you can skip forward the specific amount of days in the game.
filewatcher Filewatcher is toggled with this command.
ftl Faster than light travel is toggled with this command.
fullscreen Fullscreen mode is toggled with this command.
>goto You can move your camera to the specified X and Y coordinates with this command.
hdr High-dynamic-range rendering of the graphics setting is toggled with the help of this command.
hsv HSV can be converted to RGB with this command.
human_ai AI for humans can be enabled or disabled with this command.
Influence The specified amount of influence points will be credited with this command.
info Debug information is toggled with this command.
invincible All of your ships will not be destroyed with this command.
kill_leader With specific ID this command will kill the leader.
kill_pop With specific ID this command will kill the population.
map_names All the map names will be printed by this command.
memtest Memory leaks can be tested by this command as it is an advanced debug command.
message A list of message types can be printed with this command.
nogui The GUI is toggled with this command.
observe Enabling observer mode with this command, and in order to exit use “play00”.
path This command can be used to find paths between stars.
particle_editor You can open particle editor window with this command.
physics Specified amount of physics points can be credited by this command.
planets A list of all the planet classes available in the game can be printed by using this command.
production You can print debug production information by this command.
random_ruler You can change your current empire ruler with some other random ruler by this command.
reload You can reload all the currently loaded assets by this command.
reloadfx Game shades can be reloaded by this command.
reload_galaxy You can start a new game with this command.
render_type Current rendering system can be printed which is being used to the console by this command.
remove_notification You can remove all the notifications shown on the screen with this command.
research_technology With the help of specified ID you can research the technology by this command.
resources You can print resource statistics to the console by this command.
run You can run a list of commands in .txt file that is built in the root game directory with this command.
scaling The scaling of models can be toggled by this command.
society The specified amount of society research points can be credited by using this command.
srgb SRGB color can be toggled by using this command.
techweights You can print the weights for the specified technology tree by this command.
test_achievement You can test the trigger of the achievement with the specified ID by using this debug tool.
time You can access the current time of your computer by using this command.
trigger With the specified name the test script will be performed by this command.
unity You can add specified amount of unity by using this command.
volume You can set the volume of your game to the specified delta value by this command.
wireframe Wireframe can be toggled by using this command.
draw.borders The rendering borders can be toggled by using this command.
draw.hyperlanes Hyperlanes visibility can be toggled by using this command.
draw.nebula The visibility of nebulas can be toggled by using this command.
draw.stars Black holes and stars can be shown or hide by using this command.
endscreen End-game screen can be opened by this command.
gui.wireframe The GUI’s wireframe can be toggled by this command. The next song queued can be played by this command.
normals Normalization points for nodes can be shown by this command.
Portraits You can use this debug command when portrait modding.
terraincognita Currently unexplored space will be revealed by this command.