Stellaris How to Build Megastructure - Build a Space Station ?


Stellaris how to build Megastructure is a new video game that has been released by Paradox Interactive. It tells the story of a large structure, assembled from thousands of tiny pieces that can control the destiny of a small band of brave explorers and their struggle to get to the centre of the galaxy.

You are the captain of an expedition ship, and you start with three hundred colonists, in a planet colony. You will begin to in the Antarctic, travelling through space to reach the centre of the galaxy.

Playing strategy

It is a fascinating story and to set it in a video game is very cool. You can choose either in this game play the game as an independent player, or you can send others, playing against you, to control the outcome of the game. You also can design a type of structure, and this can change the gameplay.

Types of structures in Stellaris

In Stellaris how to build Megastructure, there are five different types of construction, which you can create and combine to make more complex structures.

Typical colony

The first is a typical colony, where you have several buildings on the surface, and some facilities, such as medical buildings and space stations. A fusion generator, a piece of equipment that boosts the production of energy, is one of the essential parts of machinery in this game.

If you get the blueprint for it and use it properly, you can create a vast energy source in your colony, which will feed all of your structures, without spending any power, and without expending any resources.


The second type of structure is a port. It is where your ships will dock, and another one is the trade port. And the third is the orbital station. You can use these to refuel your spaceship, so you don't have to worry about keeping your precious fuel reserves in stock.


The last type of structure is the shipyard. You can add a rocket or missile facility to your base if you want to make fast and manoeuvrable ships. You can also add a research lab if you're going to expand your empire further.

Design of star system

You can see that there are several ways you can play the game, and I've only mentioned the most important aspects of the game. It's a good thing. You can also design your structure, which will have a significant impact on the gameplay.

One aspect of Stellaris how to build Megastructure that I like is the ability to collect specific resources to be used later in the game. For example, if you go into a star system, and the system has an asteroid field, then you can harvest the metal from the asteroids to be used to repair your ship. Or you can find exotic elements like magnesium, silicon, and iron. It gives the game a real sense of adventure.

The game is set in real-time, and you can live and move through the galaxy at any time. You can travel faster than light so that you can explore remote systems quickly.

Feed on colony management

Another feature of the game is the colony management. You have to feed your settlers properly, and you have to keep their food supply going. But you can send a few friends out to help you to help feed those hungry settlers.

Stellaris how to build Megastructure is a good game, and you should check it out. It's an enjoyable game, and it's one of the best video games I've played in quite a while.