Stellaris Influence - Gain Influence with Stellaris ?


Are you one of those lucky few who are playing Stellaris, the new expansion to Galactic Civilizations II? If you are, then let's discuss some strategies on how to gain influence. Excellent diplomacy skills are essential in Stellaris, and many different races will need to influence from other civilizations. Of course, there are other ways as well, but here are some tips that might help.

Terminology of ideas

The first thing you need to do is decide if you want to build a colony or move your existing one. Depending on what race you play, you might be able to drive your territory back home. For others, a settlement is a good option. You can select a location for your new settlement where you have more land than in your current one, meaning more space for gathering resources.

Choose the type of settlement you wish to build on the planet you want to settle. It will affect the way you influence your neighbors.

Migration of choices.

Influence doesn't just come from the buildings and monuments you build, though. If you win a lot of wars, you'll see an increase in influence.

To see this, you'll need to choose the conflict to start carefully. There are many choices, and it's best to go with something with a good chance of success. Otherwise, you'll have to pay to have the conflict stopped and another race taking its place.

Favor of military superiority.

Don't think this means you have to ignore diplomacy in favor of naval supremacy. The two are very different and can sometimes work in tandem. Sometimes, a war may escalate into something more serious, such as a galactic civil war.

It means that if you were relying on diplomacy to influence your enemies, don't be surprised if you also have to use military force to keep them at bay.

If you do win a war, consider if you need to take the territory. There are lots of ways to earn influence without occupying an enemy colony. Just build enough settlements to generate your space economy.

Think about what kind of resources you want to get from the planet. If you plan on settling new worlds, you might not want to start from an already populated planet, so choose one with a high population.

Trading aspect of influence

The next important issue of influence is trading. Consider all the trade routes you can create and set them up to send your goods to more distant locations.

Use your influence to build trade routes so you can have a steady flow of goods coming into your colony. It can create more wealth and more influence.

Wonders about the increase of influence

Building wonders is one way to increase your influence. Sometimes, they do more for you than anyone else knows. Make sure that the miracles you build are useful and not just decoration. Look at them through the eyes of the other civilizations and try to come up with their uses.

Influence is gained when you have successful wars, if you have several colonies on different planets, and if you make trade deals. There are many ways to gain influence in Stellaris. Most importantly, though, is having enough of it to build all the trade routes you want.

To maintain a steady flow of influence, you'll need to play Stellaris the way you want to play it. You might want to consider other races and build a new civilization all at once. Other players might decide to explore different systems at once and explore the stars. You can do that too. Because Stellaris is an expansion, you can easily mix and match races and choose the ones you like best. It makes Stellaris much different from any other game, especially since every civilization will have a very different strategy when it comes to influencing.