How are you going to get more Stellaris influence ?

Your size should not measure the influence. The only way to do more is to look at a few developments for one impact a month (usually before I arrive).

You are entirely new techs, so you ought to have picked them up long ago. You will also receive+ 1/month if your capital is upgraded to an Empire Capital Complex. I also like that there is no need for each side to have 100Mn or 250Mn or 2Mn total storage space Stellaris influence gain. That feels right to me. There may also be some points for military focus. I am just letting it be that you and your main planet build it. Everything else should be easy. Although there is a set number of research points, it is hard to know how much each would influence your dominance of Stellaris influence gain. I have been in my single player for 10-15 hours, while my competitor's base has been + 3 and 0.79 + (as max is 3).

I see no more effect on how I can do. I was stuck with that benefit of 3,79 + from the start, and I become more comfortable with it as I develop. I can destroy my opponent's base that much faster than he can kill mine. So he doesn't take the first 25th and is stuck with it. With my + 3 I can defeat my opponent and become the same.

Any effects from upgrades ?

Through demolishing and rebuking them, you can't cheat. The AI counts destroyed stations against new stations.

If you don't build anything on a site, the field is reset, and you can rebuild it until you have all your stations built up again. However, if you spend a lot of time demolishing each station in a given area, it may take a long time to rebuild Stellaris influence gain.

Rivals, tech and buildings of capital have an influence

Many things that may occur will also give you additional points of control. Not every month, but the bonus blocks of power are similar for Stellaris influence. If you get notice of an upcoming election, you can cheat if you delete them. If you wait until after the election, it's going to count on you. But that's how you stay on the right side of the law."

Some forms of democracy are granting you a different mandate with a new governor-such as "build four mining stations" which are to have a good influence of 50 to 80. Because these elections are held quite often, you will control the side a lot. Because of this, it is hard to know the ideas of people Stellaris influence gain. It would be best if you depended on the people that you can influence.

Besides, the social technology that increases its monthly influence or the ultimate planetary central office for your home world also enhances its impact.

Influential effects of Stellaris influence

Policies and rules also become more prominent if one has received a total recommendation from both sources.

So the more significant the total recommendation, the more influence each aspect receives. Virtually every single component of the otherworldly influence system also contributes to influencing a player's personality, as it applies a direct or indirect influence to it. Make sure, though, that the effect is not lost. Do not fellow industries–delete the impact of a program eats.

We are a part of your power that you do not build outpost unless you get enormously of it Stellaris influence.

Do not enforce capital programs if you already have a great deal of revenue, and do not impose edicts unless you need them very carefully Stellaris influence gain. Make sure you don't get too early to join too many crises, who eat their power also.