Stellaris Tech Tree

In Stellaris tech tree guide you will see lots of information which can be adjusted according to your game play. There are several examples, which can be used for almost every empire.

Stellaris Tech Tree Interface

When you are playing games like Stellaris, there is definitely a technology research element. But you may see it as too much randomized when Stellaris tech tree is unlocked after new research. You may be familiar with its functioning and research enables you to avail more options when you start new research.

Beelining and Benefits

In order to unlock a powerful technology, beelining is following a devoted research plan. In the Stellaris tech tree, everybody can take advantage of beelining for the fast achievement of the following:

  • You can unlock pre-requisites for several Ascension Perks.
  • You can unlock special options such as wormhole, terraforming, and gateway travel.
  • You can unlock and enhance mechanics related to the pop such as Robo/bio-modding points, robots, and habitability.

In other words beelining is highly beneficial for players who plan to make a highly specialized empire. But Stellaris uses a tech card system.

“Undesired” technologies not to be searched are exactly the same basic principle as in other games. That’s not all Stellaris has its own specific rules to apply. Beelining in Stellaris tech tree can be used for up to mid-game technologies. Anything which is higher will need a lot of researching, so don’t try to unlock Mega-Engineering after spending 20 years in the game.

The Card System and Research Alternatives

Stellaris tech tree is not a built-in feature as Stellaris uses a technology card system. It means that every time a technology is researched, a player has a choice to research one of the N technologies which are available. N shows the number of research alternatives, and mostly empires start with three. When the number of research alternatives increases, it allows for better control that can be avoided.

Cost and Weight

Each technology has cost and weight values. When the cost is higher, it will take longer to research that technology.

Weight value shows the relative chance to be selected as a research option. When the weight is higher, there will be more chance of technology to appear. In addition, if a technology appeared as a research option, its weight will be halved on the next selection. When the weight is splitting, it is considered as an important mechanic who enables to avoid almost twice as many technologies as seems possible at first glance.

Tiers and Areas

Stellaris technologies are divided into three areas (physics, society, and engineering) and five tiers. Higher tier technologies will appear only after a certain amount of lower-tier technologies have been researched. This amount is six by default. The tier needs are planned per area.

It is very important to remember about the beelining of any technology with tier. If there are too many lower-tier technologies are being avoided, it will never show up.


Pre-requisites have lots of technologies, which needed to collaborate additionally to the tier requirements before any technology appears in terms of research option. In some cases, the pre-requisite can be seen as technology from another area.

Simplified Research Trees

You can quickly have an idea of how many technologies are there in each tier and which pre-requisite they belong to. Stellaris tech tree shows as friendly in order to keep them as clean as possible, lots of information gone like weights and description. Each Stellaris tech tree should be combined with technology visualize.

There are some indications of technologies related to colors:

  • A pre-requisite from physics tree has a solid blue border.
  • A pre-requisite from society tree has a solid green border.
  • A pre-requisite from engineering tree has a solid yellow border.
  • Special requirements are shown with an ugly violet solid border.
  • The requirements of technology are ethos-locked, which are shown as an ugly violet solid border.
  • The technology can be acquired from debris and indicating as a red dashed border.
  • Machine empire-only technologies are indicated as a solid red border.

Stellaris Tech Trees One by One

Physics Research Tree

When you want to pass through research tree, physics is the smallest research tree. It is compressed enough that you may find difficulties getting past tier 3. Blue Laser and Administrative AI are two major crooks here. Administrative AI path increases research of an empire which includes +1 research alternative. You can avoid these two by picking Blue Laser.

You can get past tier 3 either the sensors or the path of the shield. You can sue a common approach for the sensors and pass on the shields provided. Keep in mind that the Interplanetary Research Initiative pre-requisite is just Colonial Centralization, which is from tier 2 technology. Spectacle Core requisite Galactic Administration, which is tier 4, and it also has a lower weight.

If you skipped shields or sensors, you could reach tier 5 without any problem even without Galactic Administration.

Society Research Tree

When talking about society research technologies then keep in mind that it is really very hard. It is hard not because of absolute size, but it also has an amount of tier 2 technologies which create lots of problems. Sometimes they don’t help out to unlock tier 4, but tier 4 options the moment as one gets to it. There are a number of technologies which are in tier 2 which are not required to block in tier 1. So it is really hard to beeline when you don’t have a bonus to the number of research alternatives. In the end, there are no technologies which can be blocked by saving debris.

There are two prime candidates for blocking, which are Genome Mapping and Colonial Centralization. You need lots of attention to block Colonial Centralization. As it is the pre-requisite for many other technologies.

Engineering Research Tree

Engineering research tree is the biggest and king of research trees. You can easily get what you want. You can get lots of technologies gained from the wreckage, and the tree is structured nicely.

You can block almost 2/3 of technologies by skipping Coilguns and Destroyers. When someone does not care about robots, you can avail a viable option of dropping Robotic Workers.